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About Us

Started in October 2014 The 3 Bachata Musketeers , Nick , Miro & Biskit formed a weekly Bachata event in Central London dedicated to Lovers of Bachata Sensual. All 3 musketeers were invited in 2015 to become first generation certified bachata sensual instructors by the the creators of Bachata Sensual, Korke & Judith. Only 15 couples from around the world were invited to take part in this intensive training with Korke & Judith. 

The Bachata Musketeers night consists of 2 hours of Classes EVERY SUNDAY at BE AT ONE (REGENT STREET) bar in Central London. Classes are kept small to maintain a quality learning experience and this allows the instructors to go into greater depth in regards to technique , styling and musicality. The classes are followed by a 2 hour party which enables the students to practice together what they have learned and dance with other social dancers that arrive after classes. 

          Classes  18:30 - 20:30

           Party - 20:30 - 23:00



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Nick & Aina have been teaching together both nationally and internationally for over 2 years however their combined  dance experience spans over 10 years. Their style is very classic bachata sensual based and their classes have a strong focus on technique , etiquette and intricate details in leading and following . Nick & Tina also teach weekly in Bar Salsa Temple every Tuesday, Sensual Wednesdays  & London Loves Bachata - 1st Saturdays.

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Miro & Nadina have been teaching together  for over 2 years. Combined they share a afro latin dance experience of over 10years.Their fusion involves smooth transitions and dynamic movements , and yet still maintain the Certified Bachata Sensual foundations. Miro & Nadina regularly teach in London. Sensual Connection Academy - Mon , Bachata Station - Tues  and Bachata Kiss - 3rd Sat.


Biskit & Paola are an international bachata couple who have been teaching together for over 7 years throughout the UK & in events and festivals all over the world. Their classes focus on social dance technique , creative moves and Paola also focus's very heavily on styling tips for the the girls .Biskit & Paola teach weekly in Bar Salsa Temple every Tues , Sensual Wednesdays & London Loves Bachata - 1st Saturdays.


Contact Us

LOCATION: BE AT ONE (Regent Street)  

10 Beak St, London W1F 9RD

Tel: 07739183100


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